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Hugh attended college at the University of Oklahoma where he attended art and design classes.   Hugh, hobby’d with casting and carving for years, working first with clay and then moved to waxed cuts.  An article he read about obscure jewelry pieces that mentioned eyeglass rings opened the door to our niche, whimsical and functional holders for eyeglasses.  We realized later, they also work great for identification badges as well, so we now market them for both uses.

Mary spent her career as a Registered Nurse.  Throughout the years she always had an interest and helped Hugh with pin making.   In 2008, Mary retired and now spends her time supporting Hugh as a crafter. 

 Most of our focus is dedicated to traveling with our eyeglass/id badge holders to craft shows in Florida, Michigan and the Northeastern United States but we also sell online.

Our Process

Our eyeglass/identification badge holders are handcrafted, individually designed and hand cast using a fine, lead free pewter called Britannia.  The pins are hand molded, using clay, and then baked.  The molds are then placed in a casting machine, filled with liquid lead free pewter and spun to fill the molds.  The individual pieces are then dipped in an acid bath, rinsed and tumbled.


We have also used our designs to make money clips.

Attached is a process video.

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