-How are your pieces made?

  The pieces are all individually designed originals, formed in clay and fired.  The originals are then vulcanized into rubber centrifugal molds.  These are then placed in the casting machine spun and filled with molten Britannia metal (a lead free pewter alloy).  The individual pieces are then dipped an acid bath, rinsed and tumbled.  Finally each is affixed with its magnet attachment or prepped and applied to a stainless steel money clip making it ready to ship to you.

-Cleaning Instructions?

  To keep your eyeglass/name badge holder clean and shiny we recommend occasionally buffing with with any style dry jewelry cleaning cloths.  If you do not want to worry about cleaning them, we have found that if you apply a coat of clear nail polish this will also keep your piece shiny.

-Special Orders?

  For personalized pieces as well as company logos we would be delighted to work with you.  Please contact us so we can discuss design and minimums.